This batch of Soul Coach Training Program is very special for many reasons. The main reason is that it was conducted at our dream destination and a major power spot, Quantum Life University (QLU), Vikarabad. The place itself shifted the whole energy of everyone present there. The openness in the participants is tremendous. The dedication in the volunteers is remarkable. And the Wisdom channelled by the Trainers is Transformative. The deep inner transformation seen in each and every participant speaks for itself.

Soul Coach Training Program (SCTP) is the first and basic training offered for free of charge with certification on behalf of Quantum Life University. Initiated in 2011, it has been continuing smoothly under the guidance of Dr. Newton and QLU, coordinated and organized by Lokanath and team successfully. The residential batch is conducted in 2 semesters, 10 days each. This program is one of its kind; having 90 major topics of Spirituality being covered in it through the 18 Schools of Wisdom of QLU. The 11th batch of SCTP is the first residential batch and is conducted in Telugu language with 114 participants in 2 semesters, 10 days each.

The speciality of this program is that it is not taught by just one or two trainers but by many. The intention is to make sure that people do not stick to one guru and become followers. Instead, they follow the path of wisdom. And this time, the teachers were not just in the form of humans but plants, animals, earth and air itself.

Kaivalyanath, Santh Gyaneswar, Muktabai and Nirvaan – 4 dogs guard the land taking inchargeship of each area, taking care of the entire land from all 4 sides. They also escort anyone who would go out alone in the nights until they make sure that the person returned back safely. They volunteered their services day and night unconditionally. No wonder Dr. Newton said that they’re guided by Lord Dattatreya constantly to protect the land and the people in it.

Another reason why it was very special was because it included all 3 Yogas in it:

  • Karma Yoga (Selfless Service) in the early morning from 6:30 to 8:30 am
  • Jnana Yoga (Wisdom) during the day, in the class from 10 am to 6:30 pm
  • Raja Yoga (Meditation) during the class as well as in the nights sometimes up till 10 pm.
  • People had tears rolling down their cheeks with deep realizations not just during the class but also while working in the fields, serving the cows, cleaning their own dormitory area with awareness, what not? Every moment of the day was a moment of learning and transformation.

One more reason why this program was remarkable was the 5 groups of Sangha Maitreyas, who brought a completeness and beauty into the entire program:

  • Anna Maitreyas
  • Vanya Maitreyas
  • Gou Maitreyas
  • Swachha Maitreyas
  • Grama Maitreyas

Anna Maitreyas served the most delicious energy food that nobody could resist. They have not left the participants from having a nirvanic experience even when they were outside the class, having their meals. Deep Gratitude to our donors Mr. Krishna Mohan and family for sponsoring the food and utensils that were needed for the program! We can be sure that his pure hearted energy added the flavour and taste to the food and helped in the transformation of the participants. We appreciate the efforts put-in by Pavan and his parents Anjaneyulu and Rangamma who volunteered and gathered an excellent team of cooks and helpers named Mani, Teja, Sharan and Guru for all their dedicated efforts in cooking and serving every food item in time with perfect taste, not missing it a single day in a single dish as well. Thanks to Mallikarjun for his constant support in serving and making sure to keep the dining area neat and clean 5 times a day.

Under the vision of Dr. Newton and loving guidance of Dr. Lakshmi, Vanya Maitreyas team plunged into action and marvellously created 5 Vanas (Gardens) each having different plants in it, represented in Unique Sacred Shapes:

Matru Vanam was represented by 6 varieties of 48 Mango (Mamidi) saplings planted in the shape of Womb.

Pitru Vanam was represented by 15 Rudraksh (Rudraksha), 12 Bael (Maredu), 12 Chandni (Nandivardhanam), 6 Nagalinga (Nagalingam), 1 Bilva Patra (Ekabilvam) in the shape of Third Eye.

Guru Vanam was represented by 12 Parijat (Parijatam), 9 Govardhan (Govardhanam), 6 Champa (Sampangi) and 1 Gular (Medi) in the shape of Spiral.

Fourth is a Circle shaped Vanam beside cafeteria having 13 Temple Trees.

And the fifth is a Triangle / Pyramid shaped Vanam behind the Kitchen having 3 Jackfruit (Panasa), 4 Lemon (Nimma), 4 Curry Leaf (Karivepaku), 4 Moringa (Munaga)

They also participated in garden beautification works like removing the stones, making a pathway, arranging sit-outs with bricks etc. Dr. Lakshmi participated in majority of works in Vanya Maitreya Project with her compassionate presence, guiding everyone, communicating and praying for the plants during plantation and receiving the messages from the plants. It was a deep meditative experience. Many of the participants felt profound healing while doing this work. Some of them experienced their chronic knee pains and health issues disappear miraculously after working with the plants and some felt deep healing in their connection with their parents while working at these vanas. Gratitude to Nithin, Bhanu, Mahalakshmi, Kullayappa and all the volunteers who helped in this amazing work!

Gou Maitreyas served the cows very joyously, cleaned the cowshed, gave bath to the cows and calves, brought cow-dung to the plants as fertilizer and made sure the drinking water for the cows is neat and clean. Cows are the first residents and citizens of Life University. They are the angels guarding and energizing the place constantly with their purest beautiful aura and their presence in the land. Thanks to Tejaswi and Sushama for guiding everyone through the beautiful experience.

All the elderly people, young in their hearts, geared up and formed a team of Swachha Maitreyas who made the Dormitories, Dining area, Kitchen, Bodhisthan, Meeting Hall and the Pyramid Conference Hall look spic n span with their brooms and mops, which made the slightly-tired Vanya Maitreyas and Gou Maitreyas feel fresh again with the clean and pure environment around them, as they returned from the fields. Thanks to the Swachha Maitreyas team leaders, Sankeerth and Ram Seetha.

Some of the volunteers went to the nearby villages in the evening, after the class, and taught the villagers, Meditation and Spiritual Science as a team of Grama Maitreyas.

You may be wondering how all of this is possible. Well, the schedule was prepared by the masters in such a way that every morning, the day starts with yoga and meditation from 5:30 to 6:30 am, guided by Tejasvi. Then, every participant was divided into the above mentioned 5 groups every morning and was guided to participate actively in as much work as they can, doing the karma yoga – either it be cleaning the Goshala or Dormitories, planting the saplings or removing the stones, cutting the vegetables or washing the floor.

And all of that was just about what we did early in the morning. After doing the Karma Yoga and clearing all the karmas, the participants were immersed in the 18 Schools of Wisdom of QLU and its topics for the first semester until evening and sometimes, night. Lot of effort was put-in by the Admin team, Sridevi and Rajashekhar, who are also the trustees of Life Foundation, who are always behind the scenes, taking care of all our basic necessities such as constant water supply, power supply, generator, AC arrangements and everything (that we can’t even notice unless it’s missing), such as a small store with shampoos, soaps, snacks, books, pens and what not! They did everything to help the rest of the people forget the outside world and completely immerse in the experience. Such a relief people have felt when they know they don’t have to worry about anything. Hats off for their amazing administration! They really are the back bone of the entire program. Thanks to Subba Rao and Priyanka for being there, providing us with the store. It is not a small task to provide each and everything for nearly 130 people on a land which is at least 40 minutes away from the nearest town. Special thanks to Mr. Amarnath, who is also the resident and overall in-charge of the land! And just like that, we didn’t even realize when the 10 days were over. Deep gratitude to all the trainers who channelled the highest wisdom possible and delivered it with a pure heart! And a hip hip hurray to our all-rounder, Mr. Lokanath Reddy for a successful completion of the first semester of SCTP11!

Another highlight of the event was the presence and participation of Dr. Newton’s mother, Smt. Radhamma. Her unconditionally loving presence touched everyone very deeply and her meditational experiences were eye-opening. She is like a tree which touches the sky with highest wisdom, yet so grounded with the roots that penetrate deep into the heart of Mother Earth. This batch is really lucky to have had such a gift which no one would’ve ever imagined but only wished for. Gratitude to our Godmother!

When you give unconditionally, you receive unconditionally. Most of the participants donated generously to the cause, with full of gratitude and contentment by the end of the program. Eagerly waiting for the second semester, everyone left the abode, sharing each other’s contact details and gathering many more memories in their cameras, promising to do their home-works and to be self-realized by the time they return.

This was definitely the beginning of a new chapter of Soul Coach Training!

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