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Body Dialogue MP3 Audio File

Learning the language of your spiritually mindful body will allow you to know exactly how you are living your life and help you to understand that you and your life are creations and embodiments of your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, words, and actions.
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Meditation MP3 Audio File

Meditation is a state of ‘No-Mind’. Through meditation, we come to know of the eternal nature of our existence… Through meditation, we come to know of our infinite capabilities… In short, we come to know of our own Godhood. Simultaneously, and as a corollary, we become aware of the Godhood of all other beings.
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The Art & Science of Meditation by Dr Newton & Chitra Jha

A thorough and powerful guidebook for opening your inner wisdom and maintaining a great meditation practice!. ‘The Art & Science of Meditation’ is the first book in the 'Awakening Wisdom series’ of 21 Books from Life Foundation. ‘The Art & Science of Meditation’ tells you all you need to know about Meditation and enables you to transform your life.
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Life Foundation Brochure

To know more about Life Foundation, we first need to know about the man behind the Vision of Life Foundation – Dr. Newton Kondaveti is a truly multi-dimensional being. He is a Self-Realized Spiritual Master who got enlightened at the age of 22, a qualified Medical Doctor (M.D.), A Master Practitioner and Teacher of Meditation, An internationally acclaimed expert on Reincarnation & Law of Karma, A Master Past Life Regression Therapist, A Master Rebirther, A Researcher of the Paranormal, An Expert in Mind-Body-Spirit Integration, A Holistic Healer, A Teacher of Self-Empowerment…
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Life Foundation Handbook

The purpose of Life Foundation Handbook is to serve as a guide, elaborating the Vision and scope of Life Foundation. It also outlines the objectives of the project and roles of the participants. It gives in detail, the Mission of Life Foundaion and the direction in which the implementation of Vision is moving.To live life with holistic understanding requires that people have holistic education. Life Foundation proposes to provide holistic education, which is the pressing need at this stage in the evolution of mankind. The concept of holistic education is not a new one. Holistic education was provided in the ancient ‘Gurukulas’ and in the ancient Universities like ‘Nalanda’, Takshashila’
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Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research
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