Loving Oneself

self love

self love

Dear friends,
Welcome to a wonderful journey of loving yourself – often referred to as Self Love. The act of loving oneself is an experience. One must practice to really understand it!  It is an experience of deep knowingness, of wonderful self-acceptance and understanding of our true nature. It is an inner experience of unconditional love!  When we connect to our true self – we connect to our inner source. We energize from our inner source – from the infinite divine energy that is our true nature. Some wonderful ways to practice Self Love are meditation or healing practices that connect us with our inner being. Caring and supporting our body as a temple of our soul is an act of self-love. The journey towards Self-realization or Enlightenment is nothing but a journey of Self Love.

We fill ourselves with pure love and compassion and this can really fuel our actions in the outer world. When we practice Self Love, we open our hearts and allow the divine energy to work through us! Gradually we refine our self and all our outer imperfections and impurities fall away! We experience our true nature and allow it to fill us. It helps us to return to a state of love within. We become true to our self and others.

While we recognize the ways in which we practice Self Love, it is equally important for us to know when we DON’T practice Self Love. Here are some ways in which we don’t love ourselves:

  • Self-judgement is not self-love. When we disapprove/criticize ourselves, shame ourselves it is not self-love. Instead we need to face our issues, learn and grow from them.
  • Self-observation with unconditional acceptance is self-love.
  • When we allow others to take advantage it is not self-love. When we become people pleasers we are not practicing self-love.
  • When we resort to addictive or repetitive patterns → it is not self-love.
  • When we don’t heal ourselves and allow chronic illnesses to seep in, we are not practicing self-love.  We need to love ourselves. We need to heal ourselves and support our body.
  • When we deny our greater good, deny our magnificence, we do not love our self!
  • When we don’t keep sufficient time for ourselves and keep placing others needs over our own inner well-being, we do not love our self.

Selfishness versus Self Love

Often there is confusion between selfishness and self-love. An act of selfishness comes from a place outward – ego centric, self-centred, and obsessed about oneself. Underlying selfishness are lack, inadequacy, and greed to fulfil the need no matter what.  It comes from deep insecurity, a feeling of lack of abundance and lack of knowledge.  It comes from not having acknowledged our needs fully. Selfishness is a conditioned fear based response.

Selfishness comes from Persona!
Self-Love comes from Essence!

Selfishness comes from stress. In self-love, love flows and becomes more and more unconditional. It has a deep penetrating quality.

Loving oneself and loving others is the same.  It flows from inside out. As we practice, it transforms from an ego centric nature and enters inwards.  Gradually one enters a deep state of knowingness and an abundance of love.

Self Love and Sewa

Sewa which comes from a place of deep self-love leads to ‘Nishkama Karma’. Sewa in this form comes from a place of stillness. It is a state of pure love with no agenda except to serve. There is no hidden agenda for recognition or publicity.  Many of our Masters – Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda demonstrated self love after connecting with their inner pure self, with God. Their Sewa came from this space of pure love. Self-love is a necessary foundation for Sewa. We connect with the divine source of love and allow it to work through us.

Dharma and Self-Love

Swadharma is a form of self-love in carrying out our soul-purpose – our inner purpose for life.  In practicing self-love we are not just following someone else’s purpose or dharma but our own inner guidance.  Our life purpose is determined by us – our soul.  After Swadharma is found – do-ership needs to go away.  We connect more and more with the source and allow the divine energy to guide and empower us in carrying out our Dharma.

Connect to your Essence!

Practice self-love!

Let us join hands for a better world by practicing Nishkama Karma based on Self-love!!

Love and Joy,

Love and Light,
Dr. Newton Kondaveti M.D


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