A Special Donation Program

My Dear Friend,

We are writing to you to invite your participation in Life Foundation , the vision of Dr. Newton Kondaveti to truly create a beautiful and peaceful healing and transformational space for all.

Many of you are already working towards creating Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity in your own lives, homes and communities. While every individual effort is precious, Life Foundation now gives us an opportunity to work together and manifest a much larger vision for humanity.

A Unique Vision for Humanity

Two Thousand Five Hundred years ago, one of the wisest men who walked upon this earth, Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha) told us that the root cause of suffering in the world is ‘avidya’ or ignorance. There have been many before him and many after him who told us the simple truth that we create our reality by virtue of our thoughts and beliefs, and that our external environment is nothing but a reflection of our inner environment. They also showed us that the way to live joyfully is by becoming conscious creators. Our founder, Dr. Newton, has a vision where he sees the whole of humanity living joyfully and harmoniously. The purpose of Life Foundation is to show the way to do this. Many of us have already taken Dr. Newton’s transformation workshops and realized our ‘Soul Wisdom’. It is now time to reach out to more.

Life Foundation celebrates the uniqueness of each person and at the same time brings us together with our various talents. It calls all of us to rise above individual boundaries and work together to create a New Earth community of awakened beings. The power of collective effort far exceeds the sum of the individual efforts. Therefore the creative process is at its very best when like-minded people join together to manifest their collective dreams. Under Dr. Newton’s unique and visionary leadership, each one of us can contribute our best and experience pure growth in a loving and supportive Sangha.

LU Programs – A Glimpse

Many meditation and awareness programs have been started at Life Foundation reaching out to the urban as well as rural population, adults and children. In addition, Life Foundation is also publishing many magazines and books to enable spiritual wisdom to reach a wider audience. A few programs and activities are listed here.

Our Current Dream – Bring A Thousand Souls Together!

This year at Life Foundation we have begun the design and implementation of the first residential facilities and living facilities that will enable us to take our collective work forward. We have begun the construction of the office and staff residence, cafeteria and kitchen areas to serve large meditations and gatherings.

We need to raise funds to add more residential facilities. If a thousand people come together and contribute Rs. 10,000/- or more each, it will help us raise the amount we need to add more residential facilities. These facilities will greatly help us to stay in the premises of Life Foundation. Towards this, we request your participation through donations as well as helping us reach out to more people.

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