Rainy season is surely one of the best seasons for us at Life University. Can you guess why? Because we get to plant!! Plantation work takes place only during rainy season, and obviously, it is such joy and privilege to plant the saplings at the sacred land of Life Foundation, Vikarabad. And how wonderful it is to plant 300+ saplings in 3 hours!!!

During this Shramadaanam (voluntary service) the Vanya Maitreyas (friends of the forests) carried out most of the planting in Dakshina Murthy and Dhanvantri Vanams (forests).

The distinctive attribute of Dakshina Murthy Vanam is that it bestows Jnana and is spread out in the shape of infinity. In this vanam, 8 Maredu (Bael) plants and 6 Ekabillvam (Bilva Patra) have been planted alternately, and in the center, 1 Marri (Banyan) tree has been planted. 4 Jacaranda plants were placed in 4 corners of the vanam; and 52 Ganneru (Oleander) plants have been planted as a border of the vanam.

The distinguishing attribute of  Dhanvantri Vanam is it’s healing nature and this vanam takes the shape of a triangle inside a circle. In the circle, 18 Vepa (Neem) saplings, and in triangle, 9 Kanuga (Pongamia) saplings were planted. 1 Raavi (Peepal) tree in the center and 52 Ganneru (Oleander) trees in the border have been planted.

There are 7 circles in the Tulasi Vanam and in this Shramadaanam, 40 Tulasi (Holy Basil) saplings were planted in the innermost circle.

In the Ichha Shakthi Vanam, 9 Jama (Guava) and 12 Usiri (Amla/Indian Gooseberry) plants were added and we decorated the border of this vanam with 42 Pink Ganneru (Oleander) plants.

26 White Temple Trees and 2 Garuda Nandi Vardhanam (Crepe Jasmine) plants were added as border for Jnana Shakti Vanam.

Badam (Almond), Kadhambam (Burflower) and Parijatam (Night Jasmine) plants were added in Kriya Shakti Vanam, and the border was decorated with 2 Sampangi (Champaca), 8 Ganneru (Oleander) and 15 Mandaram (Hibiscus) plants.

We beautified the area in front of the Shreans Daga Pyramid Conference Hall with Red, Pink and Lavender coloured Ornamental Plants by placing them as borders for the Sri Chakra and Swastika (28 plants for each border) and added few more plants to the Sri Chakra.

18 Ornamental plants were also planted around the Ekata Stupam

Immense research went into selection of the various types of plants that are native to this region and that would serve the purpose. Each type of plant was chosen personally by Dr. Lakshmi and was placed on a particular spot on the land as per the energies. The entire program was meticulously planned by the founders of (Proposed) Quantum Life University, Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi and was handed over to the founding trustees Mrs. Sridevi and Mr. Rajashekhar for execution, which was in-turn managed and supervised on site by Amar and the program in-charges Lokanath and Nithin.

Surely it is not enough to just plant the saplings. The challenge is to maintain them until they grow up to become trees and can sustain by themselves. The admin team and other Sangha members made all the necessary arrangements of having water supply, drip irrigation system and constant supervision every day in every vanam, making sure that all the plants are in good condition. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the donors and Sangha members who came forward to adopt some of the plants for a year or more. You bring us a lot of courage, encouragement and support to move forward.

As we were swimming in the ocean of wisdom shared by Dr. Newton, and in the amplified Amavasya (new moon) Meditation energies on the first day until midnight, we did notice that some of our Vanya Maitreya in-charges were missing for a long time. As the class dispersed for dinner break, we found them returning from the vanas sweating and exhausted yet cheerful along with Dr. Lakshmi. No one could have guessed then that they were actually preparing the ground for a huge surprise to all of us the next day, of planting 300 saplings in just a few hours!

Our deep gratitude to the entire Vanya Maitreya Team with more than 50 participants – especially to the leaders, Nithin, Bhanu, Sankeerth, Kullayappa and to our chief leader, our dearest plant and animal lover, Dr. Lakshmi.

Well, even though Vanya Maitreyas worked really hard and the major work was done by them, we must look deeper into this matter and ask where they get all this energy from!? Other than Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi’s unconditional love that boosts our energy to move mountains, our Anna Maitreyas team members definitely seem to have added some energy boosters in the food, such as love and joy which helped their physical bodies to become stronger and work with enthusiasm and complete energy. Our masters have also participated in serving the food to the Sangha, seasoning it with their smiles. We wonder how they do everything from serving to planning and teaching. Truly they stand as examples of how to achieve your highest potential!

In this program, we didn’t have any professional cooks. The Anna Maitreyas cooked such delicious food that everyone felt instant energy after each meal. Our deepest gratitude to the team of just 5 people who cooked for a 100 of us! Deep gratitude to Pavan, our Anna Maitreya in-charge, for providing us with the necessary vegetables and groceries; to his mother Rangamma, our Sangha members Ramseetha, Vasanthi, Vandana, Kasthuri, Jyothi and team for their love-filled cooking.

Special thanks to our Swachha Maitreyas and Gou Maitreyas who made our stay comfortable by cleaning the human and cow dormitories, bathrooms, dining area, pyramid and Maitri Hall.

After learning from Nature and/or Dr. Lakshmi through Shramadaanam, we were served the Amruthaahaaram and then, all of us enthusiastically gathered at the pyramid to receive the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita shared by Dr. Newton. In Geetamritam series, 11th chapter, Vishwarupa Sandarsana Yogam was explained to us in such detail that, as Dr. Newton explained how Krishna showed his Viswarupa on Arjuna’s request, we could feel the aura and his presence around us throughout the class and during the meditations. It was a blissful feeling which no words can explain.

Below are a few points that encapsulate the deeper practical wisdom that can help us in our daily lives and can serve us as guidelines to be followed:

  • Panchajanyam Hrishikesho – Everything is created from five elements (Earth/Water/Fire/Wind/Space)
  • Devadatham Dhananjayaha – Total acceptance of what is in every given moment.
  • Bheemakarma Vrikodharaha – Take-up big tasks. Know your potential.
  • Ananta Vijayam – There are no failures. There is only victory and success in the eternal time. Never be disappointed if something is not achieved now.
  • First Eye: Bhautika Netram (Physical Vision)
  • Second Eye: Mano Netram (Heart Vision)
  • Third Eye: Divya Drishti (Soul Vision)

In this class he explained in detail about Parallel Lives, Parallel Selves and Future Selves. Many doubts were clarified. We also had the privilege of being able to meditate till midnight on Amavasya day in the group, inside the pyramid, in the presence of Enlightened Master. Dr. Newton reminded us about the importance of meditation and how the energy is amplified by three times when meditated on an Amavasya night, three times more in a group, and three times more in the pyramid. We also learnt through experience, that the energy is also amplified by in the presence of a master and even more on such a sacred land! Very rarely do we get the opportunity of being able to meditate in such a divinely planned event. For those who missed it, the entire program has been video recorded by Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) team and will be posted soon on YouTube soon. Thanks to PMC Team for that. A special thanks to Lokanath for taking care of everything meticulously inside the Pyramid, making sure that the class went smoothly with the mike system, projector, laptop, chairs, fans, ACs and everything perfectly arranged.

As always, Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi concluded the session together on both days. Dr. Lakshmi summarised the wisdom of the class in the following words:

“Krishna is the Doctor, Arjuna is the Patient suffering with Bhava Rogam (the disease of living with ignorance). And again, as Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi mentioned in the earlier classes, Krishna is the Soul and Arjuna represents all of us and our minds.

May we all heal ourselves by awakening to the Soul Wisdom and see the absolute truth through the Soul Vision (Third Eye), and come out of the Bhava Rogam life after life after life in this Janana Marana Chakra!

With Love & Gratitude,
from (Proposed) Quantum Life University

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