Namaste from Navya Takshasila Aatmavidya Peetham!

It is our pleasure to share the updates of the recent two-day retreat at Quantum Life University (QLU) which is also called as Navya Takshasila Aatmavidya Peetham (NTAP). We have learnt about ‘The Practical Science of Bhagavad Gita’ and ‘Selfless Service’ from the real-life examples, Dr. Newton and Dr. Lakshmi, Founders of Life Foundation, QLU & NTAP.

For our 12th MBTP, we started at 9:30 am on the first day and 6:30 am on the second day after a yoga session from 5:30 to 6:30 am. We geared up for Shramadaanam with cheerful faces of people from all over Andhra, Telangana and other states contributing to it. As always, the entire group was divided into 4 categories:

  • Swachha Maitreyas cleaned their dormitories, toilets and dining area with an egoless attitude, clearing their thoughts and karmas in the process.
  • Gou Maitreyas cleaned the cow shed and gave bath to the cows with much love and bhakti (Oneness – as explained by Dr. Newton later in the class).

Anna Maitreyas helped in the kitchen, by cutting the vegetables and cleaning the kitchen with surging joy to serve while the wonderful chef Mr. Teja prepared delicious food on both days.

Vanya Maitreyas plunged into action with their divine instruments as they felt Mother Earth beckoning them in the form of Dr. Lakshmi, to sculpt the Earth and make it greener, brighter and prosperous for all the living.

They prepared the pits for plantation and planted many saplings to beautify the border for the new and upcoming Tri-Shakti Vanam, which comprises of:

  • Ichha Shakti (Goddess Lakshmi representing Manifestation),
  • Jnana Shakti (Goddess Saraswati representing Wisdom) and
  • Kriya Shakti (Goddess Parvati representing Work)
  • along with the existing Tulasi Vanam, which represents Feminine Energy.

In this Shramadaanam, the Vanya Maitreyas planted Mandaram, Ganneru and Sampangi plants in the borders of Kriya Shakti Vanam and Nandi Vardhanam plants in the borders of Jnana Shakti Vanam.

In Tulasi Vanam, they planted Ponna, Pogada and Manoranjani plants in the borders, which are Lord Krishna’s favourite plants.

They also planted small Ornamental plants in Swastik and Sri Chakra shapes in-front of the Shreans Daga Pyramid Conference Hall. They planted creepers of different colors representing the Seven Chakras to each pillar of Maitri Hall.


It was such an amazing work done by the Vanya Maitreyas, lead beautifully by Dr. Lakshmi! It makes one wonder what a grander vision one must have, to bring out such highest wisdom into symbolic representation on the land!

As I wondered how this much work can be done in just 2 half days, I understood, by observation, that this is not the work of 2 days or few days. Vanya Maitreyas, as a team guided by Dr. Lakshmi, constantly work throughout the year, planning and doing the background work. What we see is only the movie after release! But the unseen work is done by them, day and night, in rain and in the Sun, by planning, marking, getting the soil, digging the pits (sometimes by machines or workers, sometimes all by themselves, by hand; that too, in this land of stones), by bringing the saplings from various places and by finally keeping it ready for all of us to join hands during MBTP every month. The bliss they are letting us experience by having the saplings planted in their rightful places, is marvellous beyond words. That’s just how nature works! We see the fruit hanging on to the tree and enjoy it. But what goes behind it is a struggle of a seed, which thrives to come out of the dark; growing its roots under the ground, piercing the soil and rocks; stemming up towards the sky, growing its leaves and branches long and strong; And then comes the beautiful sweet fruit, which we simply eat (probably thinking about something else very absentmindedly). Hats off to all the Sangha Maitreyas who constantly join hands in making this possible!

As if it was for us to understand what Dr. Lakshmi was trying to teach us through Karma Yoga, Dr. Newton starts the class (Jnana Yoga) in the afternoon with the question, “Where does a flower get it’s fragrance from?” He asks, “The soil doesn’t have that fragrance; neither does the water nor the branches nor leaves. Then what brings the fragrance in a flower?” What a synchronicity! Isn’t that why we were taken to the fields in the morning during Karma Yoga, to wonder and look deeply, at the consciousness behind every flower, plant, mud, cow and entire land? And here he goes, flowing into the topic of the day, “That fragrance is Vibhuti” and starts the class on Vibhuti Yogam, the 10th chapter of Bhagavad Gita.

A few points from the class:
  • Coal, a carbon material, turns into Diamond after a million years. It happens very slowly but it does. The transformation is inevitable. Every caterpillar will become a butterfly. There are no exceptions. Keep progressing with awareness every day, every moment.
  • Veda Vyasa and Ganesha authored the Bhagavad Gita together through Auto-writing.
  • Lotus blooms from the mud. Bloom like a lotus from the mud of sorrows and misery.
  • In the first chapter, Arjuna’s ‘I’ is ego. But in the tenth chapter, Krishna’s ‘I’ is Oneness. There is a lot of similarity and repetition of first 9 chapters, in the next 9 chapters. However, there is a lot of difference too.
  • When the student is ready, master will start teaching. When Arjuna (Uttama Sishya) was ready, Krishna (Uttama Guru) started teaching.
  • When we are most active and joyful, we express the qualities of the divine.

There’s much more that has been taught in the class, which is beyond words to describe. The guided meditation totally connected us to the omnipresent.

Like children, they both take us by hand, towards the path of self-realization. And in return, for the first time, Dr. Lakshmi requested for a simple gift. She asked us all to bring one Tulasi plant from our place, with love, as a contribution to the Life University land. She says, our love and heart energy will always remain in the land through this plant forever. How sublime is that!!

Bonus from the Universe(ity!)

After the program ended on the second day afternoon, everyone had their delicious meals and left to their homes with joy and contentment. Then, Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi and some of the team members visited the Saraswati Lake. We felt the rare privilege of having this time with them. As one of their students, Venkat was shooting a video of Dr. Newton (which will soon be posted online) and a couple from Bangalore- Architects Shobha and Mahesh were there to discuss the upcoming construction plans. The rest of us simply observed and dwelled enjoying the rarest possible moments of our lives. As Dr. Newton was giving a video recording about meditation, he asked us to sit in meditation – The uttama guru who never misses a single opportunity to lead his students towards self-realization. He guided us into a beautiful meditation as the photographs were being captured. At the photographer’s time of Golden light, we were experiencing a Golden Light too, with our closed eyes. While all of this was going on, Dr. Lakshmi immersed herself in nature, playing like a child, enthusiastically living and breathing through every plant, leaf, land and waters of the beautiful Saraswati Lake, and then, joined us for the final meditation in the Golden light.

After that, we visited the spot where Dr. Newton sensed the Astral Template of a Wisdom Temple already existing, which he calls, The Sahasrara Pyramid. There, both the masters together, explained in a divine flow, the idea of how the structure is going to be. That kind of a structure can only be channelled by devas and I wonder, if those devas themselves would come in form of builders and workers to bring it into physical realm! This is going to be the most unique structure of the land and the entire world! (Just as unique as the vision and visionaries of Life University of course!)

What more can I say, to explain the most divine days of my life! Except that I have deep gratitude for this wonderful opportunity of having had this experience and for being able to share it with all of you!

The entire Sangha would love to see you all at the next MBTP and Shramadaanam on 8th & 9th September, 2018.

Love & Gratitude
Harika from QLU Sangha

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