Many meditation and awareness programs have been started at Life Foundation reaching out to the urban as well as rural population, adults and children. Some of these programs are described below. In addition, Life Foundation is also publishing many magazines and books to enable spiritual wisdom to reach a wider audience. A few programs and activities are described below.

Soul Coach Training Program

Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Founder,Life Foundation brings to you a unique, Holistic Spiritual Training Program called ‘Soul Coach Training’. This program was initially launched as ‘Life Coach Training Program’, and after successfully concluding two training programs since its inception, it is being called, ‘Soul Coach Training’.

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Soul Coaches participated in Tulasivanam plantation again on the 8th of February 2014. Dr. Newton joined the Soul Coaches along with the villagers and planted different kinds of Tulasi saplings in the Basil Garden. Few of the Tulasi plants are; Mentu Tulasi, Sabja Tulasi, Karpoora Tulasi and Lavanga Tulasi....

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Little Buddhas Training

The most awaited Little Buddhas Training is conducted by Dr. Newton Kondaveti on behalf of Life Foundation every year for children between the age groups of 5 to 11 years to usher in soul science in the lives of our future generations. Dr. Newton conducted the 2 Day ‘Little Buddhas ’ for children at Life Foundation.

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