The founding principles of Life Foundation are derived from the innate wisdom of the founders based on their own experiences. They are also inspired by universal principles, wisdom of great masters, and universal laws. Universal Laws operate impartially anywhere and everywhere. We are all subject to these laws irrespective of whether we are aware of them or not.

  1. Simple Meditation – ‘Ana Pana Sati’ or Breath Awareness
    We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are spirit incarnate in the physical body. Meditation is the way to connect to the essence of who we really are. ‘Ana Pana Sati’ or Breath Awareness is the simplest and easiest of all Meditation Techniques. It is best to practice this simple, easy, and natural meditation technique.
  2. Become Spiritual Scientists
    We have all but forgotten the true nature of our reality. Spiritual Science is the Science that helps us to know more about ourselves. It is the foremost science which has to be given in its purest form, without distortions, and dispelling the myths & superstitions.
  3. Practicing Spirituality…Spirituality in Action
    Spirituality that is not put into practice is not spirituality.
  4. Learning and Teaching go hand in hand at the same time (Karuna and Pragya)
    Learning and teaching are not different. They are two sides of a coin. Pragya (Wisdom) and Karuna (Compassion) are like the two wings of a bird. Both are needed to fly.
  5. Acknowledge the basic goodness and potential of all seekers
    Every individual has the same inherent goodness and potential. We need to acknowledge the basic goodness in every human being and consider every seeker as a potential Master/Enlightened Being.
  6. Non-Judgemental nature and compassion to everyone
    All judgements come from lack of compassion. When we are compassionate, we can put ourselves in the place of others and feel what they feel. When we do this, we can put an end to being judgemental.
  7. Impeccability with the words
    We need to be impeccable with the words that we speak. Through our thoughtlessly spoken words, we very often hurt others, and later ourselves through the ensuing guilt. We need to speak only the truth, and too when the situation requires that we speak it at that time. We need not say anything that we do not mean as this causes pain, guilt, and shame.
  8. Spend more time in Silence
    Silence is the first step towards connecting to the higher intelligence that resides within us. We need to understand the power of silence and spend more time in silence.
  9. Total acceptance of life, aligned with the life urge
    We need to accept life fully, have a zest for life. Only in this way can we be fully aligned with life.
  10. Trust & Faith on the divine one within, Fearlessness, and Unconditional Love
    We need to have complete Trust and Faith in the divine one within. Only then can we be fearless. Unconditional Love can exist only when there is absolutely no fear of any kind. Unconditional Love is the essence of our divinity.
  11. Non-Violence in thought, word, and deed
    The true meaning of non-violence is being non-violent in thought, word, and deed.
  12. Children are Gods
    Children fully radiate the divine qualities. We need to learn from children.
  13. Kinship with all life, and Vegetarianism
    Since all of us are spiritual in nature, Respect for all life and Kinship with all life is the essential for living in harmony with our own spiritual nature and thereby with all of life. Vegetarianism needs to be practiced, as it is the natural choice resulting from this respect and kinship with all life.
  14. Simplicity and simple living in total harmony with nature
    We need to learn from plants, from animals, and from nature as a whole. Effortlessness is the essence. Animals and Plants live effortlessly by fully aligning themselves to nature.
  15. Non-duality and Oneness (Advaitha)
    Understand the principle of non-duality. We are all one, there is no separation.
  16. Be aligned with the current changes on our planet earth to contribute to the collective evolution of Humanity
    Every individual has an important role to play during these times as we experience spiritual awakening on a global scale. Humanity as a whole is going through a shift in consciousness. We need to be aligned to these changes so that we can contribute to the collective evolution of humanity.
  17. Middle path
    The middle path is the most natural choice when we operate from the centre of our being which is connected to the essence of our divinity. We go towards extreme only when we lose this centeredness. Therefore, always follow the middle path.
  18. Understanding the relative truths, paradoxical truths, and absolute truth
    Relative truths hold good only in the relational plane, and change according to the situation, time, and space. Paradoxical truths are truths where even the opposite is also true. Absolute truth is the same anywhere and everywhere. Understanding these types of truths helps us master our reality.
  19. Empower people by helping them understand that “We create our own Reality”
    One of the most powerful of universal laws is “We Create our own Reality by virtue of our Thoughts and Beliefs”. Once realized, this can be both empowering and enlightening for the individual. We need to empower/enlighten individuals about this and other basic truths of life.
  20. Prosperity Consciousness
    Abundance is second nature to us (spirituality being the first). We need to live in the spirit of Abundance which leads us to Prosperity Consciousness.
  21. Embracing Samsara and Nirvana and all polarities of life
    Samsara is the physical plane where we learn and demonstrate what we have learnt. We cannot evolve spiritually by avoiding the experience of Samsara. Nirvana needs to be achieved while going through Samsara. The essence of this is so wonderfully captured in this Zen saying – “Before Enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water, After Enlightenment I chop wood and carry water”. We also need to embrace all polarities of life, which exist to help us fully understand our reality. For example, we cannot understand light unless we understand darkness.


A set of ethics has been evolved that is aligned with the Vision and is based on the founding principles. They are as follows:

  1. Honoring each and every individual as a unique expression of the universal divine consciousness
  2. To recognize, respect and support everyone’s unique path to self actualization
  3. Unconditional acceptance of every individual’s expression of their metaphysical experiences
  4. Harmonious and peaceful co-existence of all life forms; mineral, plant, animals and humans

Giving you an overview of our guiding vision and how it has given way to our campus.

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Golden Words

“Attachment to being right creates suffering. When you have a choice to be right, or to be kind, choose kind and watch your suffering disappear.”

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