Sramadaan at Life Foundation : Tulasivanam Plantation at Life Foundation by Dr. Newton, Rajashekhar, Sridevi and Soul Coach Volunteers Team – FEB 2014

Soul Coaches participated in Tulasivanam plantation again on the 8th of February 2014. Dr. Newton joined the Soul Coaches along with the villagers and planted different kinds of Tulasi saplings in the Basil Garden. Few of the Tulasi plants are; Mentu Tulasi, Sabja Tulasi, Karpoora Tulasi and Lavanga Tulasi.

In total 300 Tulasi saplings have been planted on this day. Around 15 Soul Coaches along with volunteers from the villages surrounding the Life Foundation have participated in Sramadaan. All volunteers were divided as teams, few of them planted, and few were watering the plants. With Dr. Newton’s presence and with nature’s co-operation the plantation went on joyfully till 1:30pm in the afternoon. After lunch all the volunteers went to Anantagiri Hills (a Power Spot near Life Foundation) and meditated in the forest and in the cave at Ananta Padmanabha temple, guided by Dr. Newton.

Review of Work In Progress May-June 2015

  • Review of progress in work by the QLU team supervising construction of the Compound wall (fencing for Life Foundation Campus).
  • New ponds being created
  • Joy of Sharing Meditation with new visitors at the pyramid in Life Foundation

Dr. Newton along with the team members participated in the Bhumi Puja to start fencing work at Life Foundation. Work at Life Foundation is progressing well.

Some of the Soul Coaches have taken the initiative of monitoring different activities and taking the work to the next level. Pavan, (Soul Coach) has taken up the Fencing wall work at Life Foundation. The Fencing wall will create clear boundaries for Life Foundation land. The Initial phase work has started from the arch at the entrance.

Next phase of the Life Foundation construction work is going to start with the dormitories coming up very soon.

Sramadanam at Life Foundation – OCTOBER 2015

Sangha Maitreyas joined together to participate in the Meditation class and Sramadanam at Life Foundation with Dr. Newton Kondaveti on the 5th& 11th of October 2015 for giving their services and receiving the fulfilment and energy of the land,an opportunity to co-create Life Foundation together.

An Amavasya New Moon Meditation was performed on the 5th night with Dr. Newton sharing his wisdom on the practical implication & importance of Karma Yoga and Selfless Service.

A wonderful fire Meditation was conducted on the 11th night where many Sangha Maitreyas participated enthusiastically after a full day’s Shramadaan on the land.

Giving you an overview of our guiding vision and how it has given way to our campus.

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“Attachment to being right creates suffering. When you have a choice to be right, or to be kind, choose kind and watch your suffering disappear.”

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