Sridevi is one of the pillars of Life Foundation. She awakened to her life purpose when she met Dr. Newton Kondaveti in the year 1994. Since then she has been actively involved in bringing about the manifestation of Dr. Newton’s vision starting with the administration of Life Research Academy, of which she is a co-founder. Life Research Academy is one of the pioneering organizations in the field of Past Life Regression, Inner-Child Work, Rebirthing Breathwork and many other methods of Alternative Healing and Self-empowerment since the time it was founded in the year 2000. She took care of all aspects of organizing and facilitating many workshops and all the training programs conducted so far by Life Research Academy. As the vision expanded, she also took up the more challenging task of coordinating the vast range of activities as a Trustee of Life Foundation. Her main strengths are her dedication to the cause, her ability to guide and motivate team members, and her tremendous determination to get works done against all odds.

Life Research Academy
Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research
Angels of Earth