Life Foundation is the Vision of Dr. Newton Kondaveti, a new age Master and a truly multi-dimensional personality. Interestingly, the inspiration for this amazing vision came from his past life memories. One of his most profound past life visions is of an ‘acharya’ teaching Buddhist wisdom at the ancient university of Takshashila.

Dr. Newton Kondaveti is a Self-Realized Spiritual Master who got enlightened at the age of 22, a qualified Medical Doctor (M.D.), A Master Practitioner and Teacher of Meditation, An internationally acclaimed expert on Reincarnation & Law of Karma, A Master Past Life Regression Therapist, A Master Rebirther, A Researcher of the Paranormal, An Expert in Mind-Body-Spirit Integration, A Holistic Healer, A Teacher of Self-Empowerment…..the list goes on and on! During nearly two decades of work in these areas, Dr. Newton has been a much sought after teacher even by those who are themselves teachers in the fields of Holistic Health, Alternative Healing, and Self-Empowerment! Although he has come to be recognized as a teacher of teachers, at heart he is always the eternal student, Humility and Unconditional Love being his hallmarks.

Nearly two decades of exemplary work and traveling to over eighty countries have made him realize that all over the world, the kind of education that was being provided was focusing on a very narrow aspect of the human capabilities – our reasoning & analytical abilities. Moreover, the systems of education are very limiting in nature and do not provide the environment or impetus that are required for the blossoming of our multi-dimensional capabilities. As a result, educational institutions of today have become like factories, each churning out machines of a particular specification! They are unable to provide education that helps people to become better and more importantly happier human beings.

Destiny is the unfolding of life’s purpose. It is shaped by synchronicities (meaningful coincidences). In the amazing life of Dr. Newton Kondaveti, the three most important synchronicities were:

  • his meeting BrahmarshiPatriji who introduced him to Meditation and Spiritual Science.
  • his meeting Dr. Lakshmi who became his spiritual companion in this journey.
  • his meeting Sridevi and Rajashekhar in 1993 who along with him and Dr.Lakshmi, began the shift of energies by founding Life Research Academy in the year 2000.

Initially aimed at creating awareness about Past-life-regression and Progression, Life Research Academy went on to explore the foundations of Spiritual Science. By guiding and empowering thousands of people across the world to realize, through their own individual experiences, the Universal Truths of the Law of Karma, Life-After-Death, et al, it has brought about healing and transformation eventually leading them onto the ultimate path of Self-Mastery, Love, Compassion, and Universal Brotherhood. The work and scope of Life Research Academy continued to expand, and, by 2007, through the combined high vibrational energies of many Enlightened Souls, Life Foundation came into existence, embodying and exemplifying the next stage of evolution that mirrors every Soul’s Essence – Universal Oneness.

The activities of the Life Foundation are administered by the ‘Life Foundation’, a Trust founded by Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi, Sridevi, and Rajashekhar.

Founder’s Message

Welcome to a wonderful journey of loving yourself – often referred to as Self Love. The act of loving oneself is an experience. One must practice to really understand it! It is an experience of deep knowingness, of wonderful self-acceptance and understanding of our true nature.

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