Jnana Peetha of transpersonal sciences

When we meditate and delve deep into this inner wisdom, we start having plenty of spiritual experiences which are no more personal but become transpersonal in nature and hence they are called transpersonal sciences.

School of Aura

The purpose of the School of Auras at Life Foundation is to understand the nature of our subtle bodies and their electromagnetic energies, learn about energy fields, and how to apply this wisdom for healing and spiritual growth. Students will learn how to read auras and apply this reading to holistic healing. The School...

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School of Third Eye

What is Third Eye: We are all non-physical beings who have chosen to experience this physical reality. The Third Eye represents the ability to perceive beyond the physical senses. It is related to the 6th Chakra or ‘Ajna Chakra’. The activation of the Third Eye happens with the constant practice of Meditation and Awareness...

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School of Astral Travel

The purpose of the School of Astral Travel at Life Foundation is to help us to become aware of the omnipresent (present everywhere), omnipotent (all-powerful), and Omniscient (all-knowing) nature of Consciousness. Its function is to teach Astral Travel, conduct research in Astral Travel and related phenomena, and collaborate with similar institutions that conduct significant...

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School of Psychokinesis

The purpose of the School of Psychokinesis at Life Foundation is to help people understand that the non-physical abilities have the power to transcend physical laws. Its function is to teach Psychokinesis and conduct research on this amazing psychic phenomenon. Psychokinesis is a form of psychic phenomenon, of mind over matter, through invisible non-physical means...

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School of Mediumship and Channeling

The purpose of the School of Mediumship and Channeling at Life Foundation is to teach us how to access Higher Wisdom by tuning into the vibrations of Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. Its function is to teach Channeling and Mediumship and to share channeled information for the benefit of the world...

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School of Dreams

Although we hardly ever realize their significance, dreams are among the most powerful of ‘Transpersonal Experiences,’ which go beyond the realm of the limited reality that we have conditioned ourselves to experience. They are by far the most complex to decode and understand. Yet, within dreams lie the answers to the Greatest Mysteries ...

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